The first step of sand casting, consists in the creation of a mold composed of sand and other materials which will give rise to the desired product. After the mold manufacturing, with all the necessary cores and cavities, the aluminum is poured into it by gravity.

After the solidification the mold is broken and the piece cleaned. Sand casting parts are generally semi-finished products used for new production processes.


When to choose sand casting:

This type of technology is used when you need small series, or when the product to be made is a large piece.



  • Cost effective model
  • Multiple parts with a single mold;
  • Different types of alloys;
  • The part can be anodized and hardened (T6);
  • High quality;
  • Big dimensions;
  • Production speed.



  • Complicated pieces can be made, but the sand mould offers less precise finishing compared to other kinds of casting.


Reference markets:

  • Mechanical;
  • Agriculture;
  • Energy


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