Aluminium gravity casting: the ideal solution for your production

The gravity casting is a process well known in the alloys field; it guarantees high accuracy on dimensions for the creation of your components.

It gives higher strength, durabilityvery smooth and precise surface.

Moreover, the aluminium gravity casting is a process that takes less time for solidification compared to other processes and has a reasonable production cost.


How does it work?

gravity casting consists in pouring the molten metal (usually aluminium, zinc or copper) into a specific mold by gravity only.

The alloy in solidification will take the shape of the mold and once the part is removed, the mold can be used again, guaranteeing a longer lifetime then the other casting processes.

The gravity casting can be done automatic or manual, it depends on the nature of the parts to produce, and it is a “simple process” because you do not need vacuum, pressurized gasses or other forces.

If you wonderabout the possible gravity casting defects in the production, do not worry: this is one of the best processes to have strong, durable and balanced alloy elements that are used also for components in heavy duty machines, aerospace and in medical devices.


  • Good level of surface finishing;
  • Precision;
  • Multiple parts with a single mold;
  • Different types of alloys;
  • The part can be anodized and hardened (T6);
  • High quality;
  • Price;
  • Excellent Finishing.


  • Cost of the mold (usually amortized with medium / large series).

Reference markets:

  • Medical device;
  • Instrument transformer;
  • Design;
  • Automotive.


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