Die casting, also called shell casting under pressure, is a process of industrial production, in which the molten aluminum is injected by a piston, with pressure ranging from 70 to 310 MPa, into a mold containing the matrix (the piece that you want to manufature). The molten aluminum is pushed from an outside oven with a mechanical feeder.

The material of the mold is a special alloy for high temperature; usually one of the metals used is molybdenum.

After the solidification, done by internal cooling channels , the part is extracted and it is a semi-finished product, to be machined or used as a finished part.



  • Excellent surface finish;
  • More precise size;
  • Multiple parts with a single mold;
  • Magnesium can be used;
  • Higher quality;
  • Very competitive part price:
  • Excellent Finishing



  • Cost of the mold very high (usually amortized large series);
  • Very few number of alloys can be used.


Reference markets:

  • Automotive;
  • Domestic appliances;
  • Energy.


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