We can provide wiring/cabling for the following sectors:

  • Vibro-pavers and cold milling machines;
  • Mobile recycling plants; Earth moving machines; Forklifts.
  • Cables are special made with a braiding machine, using Teflon and special cables that makes them waterproof

The main chemical-physical characteristics are:

  • Resistant to hydrocarbons, industrial solvents and oils;
  • Resistant in the temperature range: 54 C +138 C;
  • Rersistant to abrasion;
  • Deformable: they are easily positioned, significantly reducing installation time on the machine.

In addition:

  • Power wiring with cables from 4 to 70 sq mm;
  • Spiral cables;
  • Connectorized cables.

To always guarantee the highest quality of the products, we use the latest generation of automatic and semiautomatic machines:

  • Automatic cutting-stripping-crimping machine with 5 stations with workable sections from 0.5 to 6 mmq complete with: printer for marking the cable, crimp height meter and dynamometer to perform traction tests
  • 24 spool braiding machines for electrical wiring;
  • Automatic machine for ultrasonic welding with automatic control of the weld made;
  • Computerized testing station;
  • Labeling machine.


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