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Are the operating costs of your supply chain too high?
Do you spend too much time searching for reliable suppliers?
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STOP supply chain management

Stop wasting time and money searching for suppliers.

reduce cost supplier

Reduce internal costs

You will considerably save time and money by entrusting the management of the supply chain to us, optimizing the management of your internal resources.
focus on project

Focus on project

You will have more time for new projects and you will be able to develop them faster and with greater attention.
only one supplier

Only one supplier

You will have only one supplier who will manage the entire supply chain for developing your projects and mass production.
safety stock

Safety stock

The safety stocks of the products are stored in our warehouses and sizes depend on your needs.

How we work?

We work simply and in the SMART way...
Our method is based on ​​simplifying your life using our organization to manage your supply the easiest way possible ....

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Fill out the form by entering your data and the requirements of your project or product. You can also attach technical drawings and provide a deadline by which you need the offer for.
request analysis


Our technical staff will analyze the request in all its details evaluating the feasibility of the project.
supply chain management


Once we have assessed the feasibility, the MT-trading staff will select the most suitable suppliers for the development of the activities. Our goal will always be the best offer with the best quality/price ratio.
recive quotation


You will receive by email the final quote with the best quality and price based on your requirements.
project management


We follow the development of your project throughout the entire development path of the activities, monitoring the quality and timing of the project, in order to comply with the agreed deadlines.

safety stock


Once the production process is complete, your products are shipped to you or stored as a safety stock depending on your needs.

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A lot of services
for your project


We provide you with the appropriate technical advice for the development of your project...

Design engineering

Specifications, product use, costs, quality, quantity are analysed with the customer...

Sand casting

The first step of sand casting, consists in the creation of a mold composed of sand...

Gravity die casting

Aluminium gravity casting: the ideal solution for your production...

Die casting

Die casting, also called shell casting under pressure, is a process of industrial production...

Investment casting

Investment casting is one of the oldest manufacturing processes, dating back thousands of years...


Stamping (also known as pressing) is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press...


Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces...

Injection moulding

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting molten material into a mould, or mold.

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Can you trust us?

MT-trading manage Supply chain for companies like yours, guaranteeing the development of your project or product throughout a selected and qualified chain of suppliers. All the network of suppliers, with whom we have established partnerships over time, have signed specific quality control plans and signed supply contracts.

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What Our Customers say about us

Find out what our customers have to say about using our service
Massimiliano has always given the maximum technical support in the development of our new products by combining excellent quality with a competitive price.
Michele Cerioni Buyer specialist
“The sky's the limit” is the best quote I can associate to the most talented entrepreneur I have ever had the chance to do business with. In a few years he has been able to realize a complete turnaround of the foundry his father founded 40-year ago, bringing it to the “next level”.
Daniele Toller Sourcing director
Massimiliano has developed his business in an exceptional way.
Fabio Zucconi Supplier Development
Maximilian is a highly specialized technical sales a grown man in company conducted with great skill with his father.
Adriano Canale Buyer specialist
Massimo is an excellent collaborator, expert in his field, able to give the best advice on each project. I got to know him thanks to his collaboration with Just Light.
Giuliano Ballarin Mechanical designer

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